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ThoroBlender Double Cone Blenders

The Patterson ThoroBlender line combines a precisely engineered, double cone design with an optimal rotating speed to produce an homogeneous material blend in the least amount of time.

Blending action is initiated by the downward cascades of particles as the unit rotates, with material at the sides nearest the axis cascading first. This material then strikes the sloping cone sides and is deflected towards the center. A second mixing action takes place simultaneously with the cascading. The double blending action is so rapid and effective that particles possessing different physical properties cannot separate, and are thereby interspersed uniformly throughout the batch. Blending capacities range from three quarts to 5,000 cubic feet.

Other Patterson mixing and drying blender options include:

         Pug Mill Mixers,

         Ribbon Mixers,

         Batch Kneadermasters,

         Continuous Kneadermasters,

         Direct Drive ThoroBlender,

         Disintegrator ThoroBlenders,

         Portable Type A ThoroBlenders,

         Change-Cone ThoroBlenders,

         And other custom mixing and drying solutions.


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